Thursday, June 17, 2021. Atlanta, GA. The Fort Mac LRA Board has voted to accept a proposal from Tyler Perry and Tyler Perry Studios to purchase another 37.5 acres of the existing Fort McPherson property.  The new parcel sits on the south side of the existing Fort McPherson LRA property between Tyler Perry Studios current entrance and Lee St. 

The proposed real estate development would include an entertainment district open to the public, complete with a theatre district, retail,  restaurants and plenty of employment opportunities.  The acquisition will add to the more than 330 acres Tyler Perry had already purchased back in 2015, and now the major motion picture studio is one of the largest production facilities in the country.

In addition to the expansion of Tyler Perry Studios,  The T.D. Jakes Real Estate Ventures group was also approved by the Fort Mac LRA Board to purchase approximately 94.5 acres to develop.  TDJREV is committed to developing real estate and programs in response to the growing, nationwide need for affordable, attainable, and workforce housing. These programs provide options that help families who live in underserved areas realize and sustain attainable living with the goal of home ownership.  

Bishop T.D.  Jakes is no stranger to the Atlanta market having held numerous large-scale events here in the city, and his motion picture production company has employed thousands of Georgians during the production of their numerous feature films. That includes two films just recently released this past April and were featured on the Lifetime Television Network.

Bishop Jakes says, "I am thankful to Governor Kemp, Mayor Bottoms, Chairman Cassius Butts, the Fort Mac Board, the greater Atlanta community and my friend Tyler Perry for this opportunity to serve and further amplify their vision and unwavering commitment to attracting growth opportunities and development excellence to the City of Atlanta,” said T.D. Jakes.

“TDJREV has a longstanding history of success rooted in our commitment to establishing a transformative real estate infrastructure of opportunity that preserves the history and character of neighborhoods, while investing in the community and its people by providing mixed income and affordable housing and inclusive development solutions. We look forward to engaging, empowering, and strengthening local entrepreneurs and stakeholders in this exciting development venture."